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1st Entry!

Welcome to Pulp Icons, I'm Kelly, the moderator. This community is for those that like their icons a little on the obscure side. Although this community isn't open to everyone, anyone can view our entries and take our icons. But if you do make icons and they're of good quality and fit along with our style and agenda, then we'll more than likely accept you as a poster.

But for now, all you have to do is add pulpicons to your friends list and watch for our updates.

Some simple rules before you continue on...

  • You must always give credit for the icons you take. Write pulp icons, pulpicons, or the users name in the icon description!
  • Commenting in the corresponding entry telling me that you're taking the icon is mandatory.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, alter the icons. Leave them as they are. If you want to use the pictures, find them yourself.
  • Requests are welcome, as long as they fit into our style.

    So, simple enough, right? I just hope everyone follows the rules. ^_^
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