kelly (unaxvida) wrote in pulpicons,

Message to the Icon Makers!

Members of this community! Please

Hello everyone...

I'm making a deadline for this community. If any of you don't post icons 2 weeks from your join date, I'm going to be forced to remove you from the community. I want to see what you got! And how am I supposed to do that if you're not contributing? Hmmm. I don't want to sound like a witch, but please, please contribute. I don't want to have to delete any of you because this is a very new community. But I'm trying to do something new and exciting here... make a very elite group of icon and graphic artists. If you think you have what it takes, then please please please post! Otherwise, it's bye bye.

Those of you I asked to join, I know what you got and I'm patiently waiting to see some icons.

Those of you who joined on your own accord, please do the Membership Application, so I and the other members of this community can decide whether you fit in.

Ok! Two weeks. Hope to see some awesome stuff, guys.

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